Himalaya II Series


Introducing the Himalaya II, the next generation of our flagship cables, designed for systems where compromises are not an option. On the eighth anniversary of KBL Sound. Maintained in white and black minimalist aesthetics, it offers a new standard of the highest quality to price ratio.

Throughout this time, we have been convinced that the best solutions lie in the simplicity of construction and cleanliness of materials. That is why the Himalaya II cables also use wires with the best conductivity - copper and monocrystalline silver, the dielectrics are air, teflon without pigment and air foamed Teflon. Plugs, as usual, of the highest standard: WBT, Furutech NCF, Neutrik. All this to avoid the mechanical nature of the sound by minimizing power and signal transmission losses. Himalaya II are refined products for demanding lovers of good music and the highest quality of its reproductions.



Himalaya II Speaker Cables



Himalaya II interconnects


Himalaya II Power Cables


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