August 2018

AV wybor redakcji Editor's Choice Award for Solaris Power Cable

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 January 2018


Hi-Fi & Music magazine honored our power cord Mirror Master Reference with the Award of the Year 2018.

 "Mirror is true high end power cord. Recommendation for owners of refined and expensive systems, who are looking for a way to the ultimate sound cut."    Hi-Fi & Music


November 2017

audioshow logo2017

 We invite you to visit our presentation and stand at the Audio Video Show in Warsaw on 17-19th November, National Stadium room 204. Accompanying equipment: Vivid Audio, Ypsilon.



 September 2017

New product!

Fluid High Definition signal cables are another example of how we strive to harness the experience gained in designing top cable models in products that are available to a much larger audience for the price.



 July 2017


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Recommended Award for Synchro Master Power Power Cord

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June 2017

hfc recommended

 Hi-Fi Choice magazine

 Recommended Award for Synchro Master Power Power Cord and Reference Power Distributor RPD




Himalaya-coverHimalaya XLR  interconnect in HiFi Review (Hong Kong)





March 2017

New products!

We are pleased to introduce a new, special and separate line of power cables: TriKord Power ® Series. Long-prepared and tested in many systems it is characterized by an independent run of all three conductor paths: live, neutral and ground. Each of them has individually tuned vibration damping and shielding system. This made it possible to minimize the influence mutually interfering magnetic fields generated by the current flow. TriKord Power ® Series consists of three models from different price levels: Solaris, Mirror Master Reference and Synchro Master Power. We also restore to production - at customers request - Hologram power cable, in the new version: Improved. And finally, the missing link in the Himalaya PRO Signature Series - the AC power cable.



January 2017

NagrodaHFM2017With great pleasure and satisfaction we would like to announce that the editors of the Hi-Fi & Music magazine honored our flagship product: the power cord Himalaya by the Award of the Year 2017



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Recommended Award for Zodiac Interconnects



December 2016

High Fidelity Best Product2016Proudly and with great pleasure we can announce that the whole series of cables Zodiac was honored with the Award Best Product of the Year 2016 by the magazine High Fidelity. This series includes interconnects, speaker cables and power cables.


August 2016

Hong Kong Audio Video ShowRead-more




Recommended Award for Power Cable Fluid


New products!

In order to meet the needs of even the most radical purists in hi-end audio, KBL Sound has expanded its offer with a new version of their flagship cable: Himalaya PRO. Our company took in our hands the distribution of products well-known American brand Bybee Technologies. Under this name they hide unusual products on the borderline of quantum physics and nanotechnology. The small size of passive components included in the signal path, regulate the flow of electrons, reducing noise and disturbance. Thus significantly improve the performance and make it more sophisticated. Some of these products will be applied to our own cables. On the basis of this a new version of the flagship cables was created: Himalaya PRO. This option applies to all types of cable offered so far in this series, with the exception of the power cables.


July 2016


Hi-Fi  Choice

Best Buy for the series Red Eye Ultimate


June 2016

New product!

Quantum Power Enhancer (seria Crystal)

Based on the original Quantum Bybee Purifiers KBL Sound has developed its own product - Quantum Power Enhancer - a device which is de facto a small passive power conditioner. You can use it to any audio device or video, or power strip.


May 2016

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Recommended Award for Zodiac Speaker Cable



April 2016

New exclusive KBL Sound distributor for China and Hong Kong:

Cable Art
17/F Grand Castle Commercial Building 
2T Sai Yeung Choi St. South 
Mongkok Kowloon 
Hong Kong


March 2016

AV wybor redakcji

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Editor's Choice Award for Fluid Power Cord




Hifi Pig magazine

Recommended Award for Red Eye Ultimate IC'sRead-more


February 2016


Hi-Fi Choice magazine

Editor's Choice Award for Himalaya Signature Series


January 2016


 2016 Year Award

Hi-Fi & Music for Interconnects and Speaker Cables Red Eye Ultimate



December 2015

High Fidelity Best Product2015Best Product of the Year 2015 Award for Himalaya Interconnects and Speaker Cables from High Fidelity magazine


November 2015

We are pleased to announce the presence of our new products at this year's AUDIO VIDEO SHOW in Warsaw, Poland, November 6-8. Rooms Opera 5 and 224. All cables in two systems were Signature Series Himalaya.



October 2015

sl-wyborredakcjiEditor's Choice Award for Zodiac Interconnects from StereoLife magazine



 Best Buy Award for Zodiac Interconnects from Hi-Fi Choice magazineHFCBestBuy



August the 1st 2015

Introducing new flagship SIgnature Series Himalaya - official premiere.

Short report from the first public presentation in SoundClub, Warsaw.

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