The sonic characteristic of the cables are the outcome of their design and materials used in their manufacture. The starting point, without which it would be impossible to achieve a standard of quality that our cables represent, is the use of conductors for the best possible conductivity,  the use of dielectrics with the lowest possible energy absorption of the transmitted signal, the use of insulation materials that provide mechanical stability and finally the use of shieldings that effectively protect against electronic smog.

Conductors, which we use in the production process are made using today's most advanced metallurgical technologies. They are made of copper or silver with the highest standards of purity, then, in certain cases, subjected to cryogenic treatment and also other processes for improving the uniformity of the metal structure at the molecular level. The basic standard in this regard is the OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) technology, allowing to obtain a monocrystalline structure of the metal in the wires. It is characterized by a smooth and detailed transmission signal in a wide frequency spectrum. Other methods of metallurgy in the area of nanotechnology, that we utilise, also improve the signal flow throughout its route. For the same reasons we use Bybee Quantum Purifiers, based on a breakthrough in quantum purification technology.

Our cables are terminated using uncompromised connectors, made of best conductivity metals, including a special alloy of gold and silver. We attach great importance to this aspect of the construction of cables and we laboriously select the completion of the individual models so that their their sonic characteristics remain consistent.

After the assembly process all our cables are tested and professionally conditioned. Thus they are already burned-in for immediate use without waiting many weeks or even months for the ultimate level of performance. After a short time in a new audio system they sound the best they can and their performance does not change.

All our cables come with a certificate and have a unique production number.



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