Red Corona Series





After 6 years of constant production of the Red Eye series, then Red Eye Ultimate, during which it received many awards and enthusiastic reviews, we decided to refresh it and offer cables in a more modern version. The new Red Corona series not only looks like a higher-level offer. We have also made efforts to raise its performance in relation to its predecessor and make it the best offer in the price range in which it ranks. For many music lovers, this may be sufficient enough to finish searching for the best cables.

The conductors used in Red Corona constructions are made of pure monocrystalline copper. The insulator is Teflon, and in the case of interconnects air, the best dielectric from possible to be used in practice. We paid a lot of attention to the aspect of damping the vibrations generated during the current flow and reducing the mutual influence of magnetic fields in the conductive paths. As usual, we used the highest quality plugs for cable terminations.

Premiere November 2018 at the Audio Video Show in Warsaw.



                      Interconnect                                                                          Speaker Cable


                       Digital Cable                                                                           Power Cord

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