TriKord Power® Series



TriKord Power® Series is our new, exclusive line, which only applies to power cables. This is a separate group, completely unrelated to the other bursts located in our offer. This collection has been prepared for a long time, and each cable was finally chosen from a number of prototypes tested in many systems, middle and upper class.
TriKord Power® Series consists of three power cables: Solaris, Mirror Master Reference and Synchro Master Power. These three products incorporate our newly designed, unique TriKord Power® technology. It refers to independent run of the three power conductors: live, neutral and ground. Separating them enables individual tuning of each of them. Each wire path has its own, differentiated vibration damping and shielding system. Thanks to this, the influence of mutually disturbing magnetic fields generated by the current flow has been minimized. This allowed to obtain sonic results that are beyond the reach of other power cables.
The type and wire size is specific for each model, but in all three cables monocrystalline copper was used as a conductor, just like in most of the KBL Sound cables. This is currently the best type of conductor available due to the fact that the homogeneous molecular structure enables perfectly smooth - unlike the grain structure - flow of current within single-crystal metal from one plug to the other. Cable terminals have also been selected according to the class of each model and are an essential element of their tuning. The conductive parts in all plugs are made of copper, then gold or rhodium plated.
Each of the power cables within the TriKord Power® series is available in two versions, depending on their purpose: one version is dedicated to digital sources (cd transports, D/A converters, streamers), the other is for analog devices (amplifiers, preamplifiers).





                            Solaris                                                                             Mirror Master Reference





Synchro Master Power



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