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Welcome to the world of KBL Sound!


KBL Sound was founded in 2013 and is a result of decades of experience gained while being involved professionally in music production in studio recording, or during a real gig live or just experimenting with audio equipment at home. Lying behind this was always a passion for a deeper knowledge and understanding about how to reproduce the original sound as close as possible.

By studying the nature of sound and examining the influence of electronic components on the quality of played music, we have developed our own solutions over the years by the method of endless trial and error. Our attention was primarily focused on understanding the sources of loss and eliminating them in an extremely delicate signal path, which begins in the power socket and ends in the loudspeaker drivers. You can see for yourself what the result is by choosing our products. We are pleased that they are also used by reviewers and owners of recording studios as permanent components of their reference systems.

KBL Sound addresses offer to these sensitive listeners who seek uncompromising, realistic presentation of recordings, devoid of mechanical character and want to enjoy its effects for many years to come. The confirmation of our achievements is a phrase from a recent review of our cables: "With them music becomes a complete event." That is what we are constantly striving and what all music lovers want.





The greater part of our products is hi-end audio cables. To complete this offer we have created a cost-no-object power strip and equally excellent vibration-damping absorbers and cable stands indispensable in every hi-end system.


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October 2022


This year we invite you to visit our presentation at the Audio Video Show in Warsaw on 28-30th October in Hotel Golden Tulip, room Silver II (Dalia). Accompanying equipment: LampizatOr Horizon, Sveda Audio Gabi active speakers.

It will be the premiere of cables from the Himalaya II series (XLR interconnects) and Himalaya PRO 2 (power cables).


September 2022


RED FINGERPRINT award from High Fidelity magazine for interconnect, speaker cable and power cable Fluid v2.





A very, very nice cabling system at a very attractive price. Works with any music in any system. Provided it's good music and a good system. Hence our RED FINGERPRINT award.  High Fidelity


August 2022

Upper Echelon Product Award


MS upper echelon award


For what they represent sonically, the level of execution, I grant the two KBL Sound Himalaya II power and Himalaya II XLR interconnect cables  Mono & Stereo 2022 Upper Echelon Product Awards. Matej Isak

The field of activity of KBL top power cable is simply in a league of its own and more than worthy of being explored in a first-class high-end audio system.

With cables, there's often a feeling of being surrounded by the music but not having an interactive part. Himalaya II cables are quite different in this regard. They uniquely combine what often appears to be a juxtaposition of ambiance and interactivity into a seamless whole. For this virtue alone, Himalaya II cables deserve all the praise. Mono & stereo


At their level, these cables are both reasonably and highly competitively priced and offer an impressive level of sonic potency and return for their money compared to many higher-priced products.For what they represent sonically, the level of execution, I grant the two KBL Sound Himalaya II power and XLR interconnect cables  Mono & Stereo 2022 Upper Echelon Product Awards.   Mono & stereo



February 2022


StereoLife High End Award for Himalaya II Series

These cables can mess with your head. Even if you have a truly high-performance system and have experimented with much more expensive cables, you will probably still be surprised by what the KBL Sound flagships will deliver. [...] I'm sure that every high-end audio equipment enthusiast should carry out such an experiment in their own system. If only to see how much can be squeezed out of it, how much of its potential is still locked inside the wires, hidden from our view. And if you think you already know everything, because you tried some of the really expensive Nordost, AudioQuest, Cardas, Acoustic Zen, Acrolink, or Siltech cables, or in fact anything you can think of, I guarantee, that listening to the Himalaya II will not be a waste of time. StereoLife



December 2021

Best Product 2021


High Fidelity Best Product2021


We are pleased to announce that our speaker cables and interconnects from the Himalaya II series has been awarded by the High Fidelity magazine the Award Best Product 2021.


November 2021

482-KBL-Red-CoronaReview of Red Corona power cable in magazine Audiotechique, issue 482/21, Hong Kong.





September 2021

Red-fingerprint-black RED FINGERPRINT  High Fidelity award for Himalaya II interconnect and speaker cable.




The KBL Sound company is growing and its products are becoming more and more sophisticated. At the same time, considering the sound quality, they are quite attractively priced. I would add to this list of advantages also excellent workmanship, which is on a high, world-class level. The Himalaya II is a very, very good set of high-end cables, intended for well-balanced systems in which you do not have to fight for changes, but to bring out the best in them.  High Fidelity


THE TESTED CABLES SOUND SOMEHWAT DIFFERENT from each other. The interconnects are dark, dense, have strong low bass and fill the space between the speakers in a dense way. On the other hand, the speaker cables deliver more precise, more "point-like" sound in the space, and their tonal balance is set higher. In turn, they are more dynamic than interconnects. Both are refined, saturated and stay away from brightness. It is interesting that they complement each other in a nice way, resulting in a presentation that I know, for example, from Crystal Cable products, i.e. expensive silver-gold cables.  High Fidelity



August 2021
The world premiere of the new Himalaya II series will take place at the High End Audio Video Show 2021 Hong Kong on August 6-8, 2021. Please visit our distributor stand: Cable Art!


July 2021

pdf logo1Review of Red Corona cables on channel


May 2021

On the occasion of the 8th anniversary of KBL Sound, we announce the premiere of a new top line of Himalaya II cables. The series includes signal, digital, phono, speaker and power cables. More information coming soon!


rekomendacja audio video

 We would like to thank the Audio Video magazine for the Recommendation Award for the Red Corona power cord.




The tested cable is undoubtedly musical. [...] In a system tuned in terms of high precision and neutrality, the KBL Sound able brought the element of fluidization of the sound while maintaining an appropriate level of rhythm and bass foundation. As a result, when I listened quietly, I had the impression of a fuller sound, with a wide dynamic range and good bandwidth extension in both directions. [...] From the perspective of fans of relaxing with music and audiophiles striving to make the sound of their system more flexible, it will definitely be the right choice. Audio Video


April 2021

We are pleased to recall and recommend you an audiophile CD, released in Poland by DUX. The album contains recordings of two piano concertos by F. Chopin with the participation of, among others K. Penderecki. During the mastering auditions, complete cables from our Himalaya series were used. The surface of CD has been covered with 24 carat gold for better quality and durability.


Chopin dux front     Chopin okładka tył


November 2020

rekomendacja audio video

We are pleased to announce with great pleasure and pride that in the group test of medium-price XLR symmetrical interconnects, made by the editors of the Audio Video magazine, our cable from the Zodiac series received the highest notation (93%), with Tara Labs, Nordost, Cardas, Purist Audio Design and Wireworld as competitors. We also thank the editors for granting the "Recommended" award.


The Zodiac is extremely neutral in midrange, but also in the ranges adjacent to it. In my opinion, the timbre of the sound is in no way manipulated or mannered. In terms of tonal balance and color in the midrange, this connector proved to be the best in the group. The Zodiac creates a wonderful stereo panorama. The stage is wide, willingly enveloping and overlapping the sides. However, the most important thing is depth - the best in the group. Audio Video


March 2020

fbIt is 7 years since KBL Sound was founded: in spring 2013. On this occasion, we decided to make up for deficiencies in the field of social media. Please visit our site and like us on Facebook! :)



October 2019


 We invite you to visit our presentation and stand at the Audio Video Show in Warsaw on 8-10th November, Hotel Radisson Sobieski room 615. Accompanying equipment: Lampizator, Rethm.



Best Product 2019


High Fidelity Best Product2019


We are pleased to announce that our speaker cables and interconnects from the Red Corona series has been awarded by the High Fidelity magazine the Award of the Year 2019.


September 2019

rekomendacja audio video

 Thanks to Audio Video magazine for Recommended Award for our Red Corona speaker cable



January 2019

RED FINGERPRINT-red Thanks to High Fidelity magazine for RED FINGERPRINT Award for our Red Corona Interconnect and Speaker Cable






November 2018

Premiere of new series of cables called Red Corona. The series includes interconnects, phono cables, digital cables, speaker cables and power cables for analog and digital equipment.




We invite you to visit our presentation and stand at the Audio Video Show in Warsaw on 16-18th November, National Stadium room 204. Accompanying equipment: Harbeth, PS Audio, Ypsilon, Bergmann.



Best Product 2018


High Fidelity Best Product2018


We are delighted to announce that our Reference Power Distributor Mk3 has been awarded "Best Product of the Year 2018" by the highly respected magazine High Fidelity.


September 2018

AV wybor redakcji

Thanks to Audio Video magazine for Editor's Choice Award for our Fluid High Definition Interconnect



It is a cable with unusual transparency, which I would expect at a price level much higher than 1000$ [...] Fluid HD is an absolutely excellent cable at its price. Impresses with its versatility and lack of any shortcomings.  Audio Video


August 2018

AV wybor redakcji

 Thanks to Audio Video magazine for Editor's Choice Award for our Solaris Power Cord




The changes caused by connecting this cable would not be described as subtle. [...] This cable significantly improved not one, two or even three aspects of the sound. It basically improved everything, in one play. Such a checkmate.    Audio Video



Cable of the Year 2018




January 2018

We are delighted to announce that our power cord Mirror Master Reference has been awarded "Award of the Year 2018" by the highly respected Hi-Fi & Music magazine.


Mirror is true high end power cord. Recommendation for owners of refined and expensive systems, who are looking for a way to the ultimate sound cut.    Hi-Fi & Music


November 2017

audioshow logo2017

We invite you to visit our presentation and stand at the Audio Video Show in Warsaw on 17-19th November, National Stadium room 204. Accompanying equipment: Vivid Audio, Ypsilon.


July 2017


rekomendacja audio video

Thanks to Audio Video magazine for Recommended Award for our  Synchro Master Power Power cable






The fact is that this cable makes a devilish difference! It opens the scene, increases the palpability, binds the bass with mids, and mids with highs. Creates a sound continuum. The boundary between the frequencies completely blurs. Synchro Master Power introduces incredible smoothness and order, while enhancing sound, significantly increasing resolution, legibility and even dynamics. More, of course, on a micro scale than a macro. The sound comes alive, vigor, blush, color. But it also becomes more delicate, sublimated. These changes are really not small ...   Audio Video


June 2017

hfc recommended

Recommended Award for Synchro Master Power Power Cord and Reference Power Distributor RPD

Hi-Fi Choice magazine




Himalaya-coverHimalaya XLR  interconnect in HiFi Review (Hong Kong)







Cable of the Year 2017




January 2017

We are delighted to announce that our flagship product: the power cord Himalaya has been awarded "Award of the Year 2017" by the highly respected Hi-Fi & Music magazine.


This is a business card of this company and a collection of the best experiences gained through years of activity. Everything in these cables is the "most" [...] There is so much new in the music that it's impossible to break away from listening and deny the pleasure of putting another disc on the player.   Hi-Fi & Music



rekomendacja audio video

Recommended Award for Zodiac Interconnect

Audio Video


Best product 2016


High Fidelity Best Product2016


December 2016

The whole series of cables Zodiac has been honored with the Award Best Product of the Year 2016 by the magazine High Fidelity. This series includes interconnects, speaker cables and power cables.


The Zodiac is a cabling system with its own distinct characteristics, where each of the components supports the others. We get a dense, low-pitched sound with many details.It really shows the difference in the music, but it does not fall into the extreme and does not exaggerate the problems. It can be used in a variety of systems, without the fear of breaking something in them.   High Fidelity


August 2016

Hong Kong Audio Video ShowRead-more


sl-rekomendacjaRecommended Award for Power Cable Fluid



July 2016


   Best Buy for the series Red Eye Ultimate

   Hi-Fi  Choice Read-more

June 2016

New product!

Quantum Power Enhancer (Crystal series)

Based on the original Quantum Bybee Purifiers KBL Sound has developed its own product - Quantum Power Enhancer - a device which is de facto a small passive power conditioner. You can use it to any audio device or video, or power strip.


May 2016

rekomendacja audio video

Recommended Award for Zodiac Speaker Cable

Audio Video


March 2016

AV wybor redakcji

Audio Video

Editor's Choice Award for Fluid Power Cord



 Hifi Pig magazine

 Recommended Award for Red Eye Ultimate IC'sRead-more


February 2016


 Editor's Choice Award for Himalaya Signature Series from Hi-Fi Choice magazine




Cables of the Year 2016




January 2016

Hi-Fi & Music awarded Interconnect and Speaker Cables Red Eye Ultimate


In comparison to world market prices, these speaker cables and interconnects are bargains in relation to performance. Well-known brands at this level of performance often seem to count for more while many of their offers do not reach the quality of The Ultimate.   Hi-Fi & Music



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