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  KBL Sound was founded in 2013. From the very beginning, we have been offering premium audio cables and accessories with an exceptionally favorable price-quality ratio. Well-designed cables and made of uncompromising materials can make you realize that their importance for the sound is no less than any other element of the audio system. The KBL Sound design philosophy makes just that.
The role of cables in an audio system is often underestimated. The point is that better cables differ from worse in terms of the loss factor of the signal flowing between the components. The highest quality cables lose so little of even the most subtle information that the devices connected to the system turn out to sound surprisingly better. In this way, by using the appropriate class of cabling, we raise the standard of the equipment, and thus the sound quality is closer to the naturalness, which is what we all want.

We place the greatest emphasis on the quality of materials, which in our design is maintained at the highest available level. Equally important to us is uncompromising design and workmanship. So few producers, due to economy or lack of concept, decide on both aspects, agreeing to the degradation and loss of some part of the information transmitted in the signal that could be saved. The basic design assumption used in our models is to minimize losses in signal transmission between audio devices and to supply them with the best possible current. You can see for yourself what the result is by using our products. We are pleased that they are also used by reviewers and recording studio owners as permanent components of their reference systems.

  KBL Sound addresses its offer to sensitive listeners who are looking for an accurate presentation of recordings, focused on a holistic musical message, devoid of mechanical nature, and want to enjoy its effects for many years. Our achievements are confirmed by a sentence from one of the reviews of our cables: "Music with them is a complete event." This is what we constantly strive for and what all music lovers care about.






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 " At their level, these cables are both reasonably and highly competitively

priced and offer an impressive level of sonic potency and return for their money

compared to many higher-priced products.

Mono & Stereo






" These are excellent cables and should certainly be auditioned if you are spending this

sort of cash.

 Hifi Pig






These are one of the best cables I've ever heard.

High Fidelity







" My search for XLR interconnects is over, as it turns out to be too difficult for me

to let the KBL Sound Himalaya II interconnect go. It will become a part of my

reference rig from now.

Hifi Knights






They are among the best for sure, and in this group they quite likely offer the best

price/performance ratio.

Hifi Choice





" This is a must-have for any searching listener high-end cabling at a reasonable price.

 Hi-Fi & Music





" The KBL Sound company is growing and its products are becoming more and more

sophisticated. At the same time, considering the sound quality, they are quite attractively

priced. I would add to this list of advantages also excellent workmanship, which is on a high,

world-class level.

 High Fidelity






  " [Red Corona] This Polish cable is simply my dream IC. It does something extraordinary

with the sound of acoustic instruments.

Hifi Knights





Red Corona drew the contours of instruments and vocals most accurately among all the

cables I tried. The most impressive was the transients, it was also excellent when it comes

to imaging microinformation, the so-called dust from the walls of the recording studio. It

provided an excellent insight into the structure of the soundstage and in this respect it

matched or maybe even slightly outweighed Kiuchi's work.

 Audio Video






 " This brings KBL Sound products closer to the unattainable product ideal audio -

components... that cannot be heard, that disappear from the room, leaving the listener alone

with the music.

Hifi Knights






 Well, in the case of KBL Sound's flagship cables this scenario seems very unlikely. Here

everything can be heard at once, and the first listening session may be quite shocking. [...]

And if you think you already know everything, because you tried some of the really

expensive Nordost, AudioQuest, Cardas, Acoustic Zen, Acrolink, or Siltech cables, or in fact

anything you can think of, I guarantee, that listening to the Himalaya II will not be a waste of







 " The field of activity of KBL Sound top power cable (Himalaya PRO II) is simply in a

league of its own and more than worthy of being explored in a first-class high-end audio


Mono & Stereo






  " With cables, there's often a feeling of being surrounded by the music but not having an

interactive part. Himalaya II cables are quite different in this regard. They uniquely combine

what often appears to be a juxtaposition of ambiance and interactivity into a seamless

whole. For this virtue alone, Himalaya II cables deserve all the praise.

 Mono & Stereo






" When listening to recorded music, it is impossible to completely reconstruct all the

impressions, feelings we experience during a live event. The Red Corona, however, gets

listeners as close to such an unattainable ideal as only few absolute top competitors I know. 

Hifi Knights





These are cables that sound even and natural, but also direct andengaging [...], and the

top KBL Sound series is almost complete brilliantly. Such a sound result cannot be

achievedby chance. [...] some audiophiles for this effect of removing the next one from the

speakerscurtains are willing to pay much more.  

Hi-Fi & Music






 " The Zodiac bass is distinguished by great color differentiation and isquite fast. [...] The

second area, which is the domain of the Zodiac, is space.If I had to put it in one word, I

would say "amazing".

Audio Video







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