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Upgrade your audio system one level higher!


Himalaya SX is the new generation of our top class cables, designed for very demanding systems. At the same time, it offers a new standard of quality at the highest world level, to price ratio, even several times more attractive than the leaders of the competition. Simply, these cables can compete with the best on the market, but their price is significantly lower.
Himalaya SX cables use metals with the best conductivity on the Earth - copper and silver with a monocrystal structure. We were one of the first companies to use monocrystal from the beginning before others recognized the excellence of this type of conductor. The dielectrics in Himalaya SX cables are equally uncompromising: the main ones are air, non-pigmented Teflon and celullar Teflon. Electrostatically dissipative carbon polymer reduces mechanically induced electrical noise and improves the uniformity of the voltage gradient within the insulating dielectric. All this to avoid the mechanical nature of the sound by minimizing losses in signal transmission and power supply. Himalaya SX are meticulously and consciously refined products for demanding lovers of good music and the highest quality of its reproduction. These cables bring you closer to the non fatiguing, natural sound that allows you to hear the music as accurate as possible.


Himalaya SX cables are avaiable as:




HSX XLR    Interconnects







Himalaya II SPK full    Speaker Cable











 HSX AC    Power Cords









Himalaya II phono full1     Phono Cable









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