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Himalaya II Power Cable


For the construction of the Himalaya II power cable, 9 AWG monocrystalline copper conductors have been used, which ensures comfortable working conditions for every device, even the most power-demanding. Compared to its predecessor from the Himalaya series, a number of significant changes have been introduced. In the latest generation, all three conductors are physically separated from each other to minimize the mutual influence of the magnetic fields generated by the current flowing through them. The vibration absorption coefficient inside the cable has been significantly improved thanks to tunnel damping. The list of changes is rounded off with exotic high-end plugs: Furutech Fi-48 NCF with their piezoceramic nanotechnology and many advanced patents. We have extended the standard cable length to 1.8 m. Versions with US type plugs and with IEC C19 plug for high current devices are available.

You get everything you can expect from a cable called Himalaya II.



Himalaya PRO II Power Cable


The Himalaya PRO II power cable sets the bar even higher and is the top power cable in the Himalaya II line. Its significant thickness is due to the even greater separation of the veins through extreme physical distance. Also, each core is individually tuned and shielded. The same topology is used throughout the whole TriKord Power® series. In the case of this cable, we can talk about the highest standard of construction and material advancement. In terms of sophistication, it is second only to our top-end Extrema power cable and one of the very best on the market.





  • Recommended for solid state and tube power and pre amplifiers, analog and digital source devices, all kinds of power units

  • Conductors: pure monocrystalline copper, multi-strand, anti-oxidation

  • Gauge: 9 AWG (6,63mm2)

  • Dielectric: Teflon, cotton, polypropylen, poliolefin, air

  • All three runs are physically separated from each other

  • The PRO II model uses HyperSpace architecture and TriKord Power® technology with 3D ScreenPoint separate tuning of each physically separated core

  • Tunnel vibration absorption system

  • Terminations: Furutech C15 Fi-48

  • Optional IEC Furutech C19 Fi-48 plug for high current devices

  • Optional Furutech C15 Fi-48 US plug

  • Standard length: 1.8 m

  • Other lengths on request


FT-48              FT-48-C19



Reviews & Awards



MS upper echelon award     sl-highend       10LatNagrodaSpecjalnaStereoLife



After plugging in the whole set, I was sitting on the couch massacred. I simply couldn't believe my ears. And yet I am not a newbie. I was surprised not only by the scale of changes but also by how spectacular sound I managed to squeeze out of a system I've been using for almost two years. I knew there's always room for improvement, but I didn't think it had so much potential still waiting to be unlocked. This was not a 3% difference, but a change that could be compared to moving from a good integrated amplifier to a high-end preamplifier and monoblocks.  StereoLife


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These cables can mess with your head. Even if you have a truly high-performance system and have experimented with much more expensive cables, you will probably still be surprised by what the KBL Sound flagships will deliver. [...] I'm sure that every high-end audio equipment enthusiast should carry out such an experiment in their own system. If only to see how much can be squeezed out of it, how much of its potential is still locked inside the wires, hidden from our view. And if you think you already know everything, because you tried some of the really expensive Nordost, AudioQuest, Cardas, Acoustic Zen, Acrolink, or Siltech cables, or in fact anything you can think of, I guarantee, that listening to the Himalaya II will not be a waste of time. StereoLife


The field of activity of KBL Sound top power cable (Himalaya PRO 2) is simply in a league of its own and more than worthy of being explored in a first-class high-end audio system. [...] At their level, these cables are both reasonably and highly competitively priced and offer an impressive level of sonic potency and return for their money compared to many higher-priced products.  Mono and stereo



 pdf logo1With cables, there's often a feeling of being surrounded by the music but not having an interactive part. Himalaya II cables are quite different in this regard. They uniquely combine what often appears to be a juxtaposition of ambiance and interactivity into a seamless whole. For this virtue alone, Himalaya II cables deserve all the praise.


The KBL Sound Himalaya II Pro power and XLR interconnect cables provide particularly vivid vignette, a visceral connection to the music, and an far above-average number of sound facets.

There's no instant artificial sonic spike, no illusory wow factor that wears off after prolonged listening. KBL Sound Himalaya II cables are not falsy extolling the virtues of music, showing that these cables have come a long way. With Himalaya II it's all about the essentials, no erroneous vocations.

Despite all the streamlining and simplification, it's simply not easy to make a high-end audio cable that maintains such balance and consistency as does KBL Sound top of the range cables, regardless of where they were inserted in the system chain.   Mono & stereo


The Himalaya II from KBL Sound is a mature, sophisticated power cord designed for expensive and very expensive systems. It will open up their sound up, but without brightening it.   High Fidelity


pdf logo1THE NEW VERSION OF THE HIMALAYA CABLE, Himalaya II, is a much better cable - as far as I remember, of course! - than the first version. It is just a very good cable. It offers an open, fresh sound with fantastic speed, in which we have both details and subtleties, but all that is presented in a smooth and silky way, without harshness or distortion.

The foreground is presented on the line connecting the speakers, it does not push it forward, it also offers a good insight into the depth of the stage. Reverbs are tempered with it, which makes direct sound more important than reflected sound. It is also an incredibly smooth sounding cable that allows you to listen in long sessions without feeling tired. But it does it not because of warming the sound up, it does not do that, but because of a large amount of information that makes up a complete sound, in which we do not have to search for details and we do not have to "supplement" it in our head.   High Fidelity


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