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Red Corona sets the benchmark for speaker cables. The best materials and solutions have been used here. The hot and return wires for each channel are separated. This allowed to eliminate practically to zero the harmful influence of magnetic fields on the signal flowing between the amplifier and speakers, as well as to minimize losses resulting from mechanical instability of conductors. The copper used for their production has the highest quality standard and a significant cross-section of 9 AWG. In addition, solid shielding, rarely used in this type of cable, and excellent CMC terminals made of pure copper.

Above all, musical, in many systems, Red Corona series speaker cables may prove to be the ultimate solution, no matter what the price.



 Four single runs



Red Corona jumpers



  • Conductors:  highest purity mono crystal OCC copper protected against oxidation

  • Gauge: 9 AWG

  • Dielectric: Teflon

  • Separated run of hot and return wires for each channel

  • Termination: copper CMC Swiss spades silver plated or bananas 0568 Ag

  • Standard length available: 2 m, 2.5m, 3m    


 CMC-slvr             CMC-0568Ag


 Reviews & Awards


High Fidelity Best Product2019




The music had momentum, and the speaker cable added extensive space into the system, which in this case translated into something that can only be described as a "cool trip".   High Fidelity

pdf logo1If you are looking for qualities that together create a high quality, satisfying listening experience, then Red Corona might be your choice. What these cables offer is: softness, naturalness, calmness, smoothness, momentum, they allow you to truly enjoy the music. These are the cables that connect and do not divide – using the language or current politics - and they do it for real, without pretending. You can listen to any album with them without gnashing your teeth and nervous biting of your nails, and use in any system they will present only its good sides. I like this type of performance, hence the RED Fingerprint award to me seems to be the natural result of this test.   High Fidelity


rekomendacja audio video


Red Corona drew the contours of instruments and vocals most accurately among all the cables I tried. The most impressive was the transients, it was also excellent when it comes to imaging microinformation, the so-called dust from the walls of the recording studio. It provided an excellent insight into the structure of the soundstage and in this respect it matched or maybe even slightly outweighed Kiuchi's work.   Audio Video


pdf logo1Red Corona provides palpabality of a dynamic, impulsive nature - what is supposed to be fast and rapid is just what it is and it is admirable.This is an extremely sofisticated cable [...]. Connecting it can do a lot of good: with a high degree of probability, it will spatially convey the message, increase its clarity and dynamic expression. Objectively excellent, this cable is worth renting for comparisons and assess yourself how much of its great potential we are able to use.   Audio Video


pdf logo1Review of Red Corona cables on channel


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