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Fluid speaker cable is based on 5N copper ribbon conductors. The advantage of this type of solution is to eliminate, so called, skin effect, which is one of the main problems contributing to the formation of anomalies in the signal transmission.

Special attention was paid to  separate the conductors of vibration more effectively and to improve the dielectric quality. With these developments Fluid presents a crystal clear sound, fast, with a beautiful, saturated colours and detailed midrange. There is a lot of air around the instruments that sound very natural, and they are perfectly separated.



  • Conductors: copper ribbon of 5N purity, gauge 14 AWG

  • Termination: silver plated BFA banana plugs or spades

  • PE fabric outer coating

  • Standard length available: 2 m, 2.5m, 3m



Reviews & Awards





RED Fingerprint black



A very, very nice cabling system at a very attractive price. Works with any music in any system. Provided it's good music and a good system. Hence our RED FINGERPRINT award.  High Fidelity


pdf logo1For music to be music, and not a collection of sounds, you need something more, which Fluid v2 cables seem to have. KBL SOUND FLUID v2 have a very well-balanced and well-ordered sound. Their sound is engaging and just plain cool. They do not distinguish anything specific in their sound, but serve it in a smooth, even manner. It is a cabling system that brings peace to the sound. Peace of mind resulting from coherence, not "calming down" of the sound. The dynamics is really great here.   High Fidelity


pdf logo1My listening notes repetitively showed thumbs up and positive remarks with all three cables under the review. Here is where KBL Sound seems to did their homework in depth and KBL SOUND speaker cables matched the performance or other in the line. In sum you can say I was happy all along with the result of KBL Sound audio cables. They're a refreshingly well sounding and at the given price range, that is actually closer to many people budget.

KBL Sound audio cables brings a great entrance into the high-end audio with their performance at the fraction of the price. We should really remember what we had to pay few years back.

All aspects were taken into the consideration at the KBL SOUND cables planning and execution. I simply love when things are done right and at the right prices. In that way its much easier to recommend cables to somebody.   Mono & Stereo

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