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The new flagship Signature Series Himalaya, is the culmination of our long-term efforts to create such cables allowing the highest standard of top hi-end audio equipment to reveal their full potential. One cannot hide the fact that cables - the necessary connections within the system - always, to some extent, hinder such potential. Electronic devices have the possibilty to sound better than what we currently hear. The challenge is to minimise this degradation of the transmitted signal. We are proud of the product series Himalaya, because we have evidence that their loss factor is really negligible and that they persist in this respect even the most advanced products of the world market, and even in some aspects exceed them, while retaining several times lower price. Therefore, just as it is with all the cables from any level, they are best used in the system of their corresponding class, since only then will their advantages as well as of the devices be displayed.

We have used costly and time-consuming solutions, as no other way exists to get exceptional results. Mass production has one undeniable drawback: it can not create the best possible. Making cables by hand has its own specific advantages, which mainly deal with aspects of the mechanical design, related to the damping of vibrations and stresses. With industrial mass production these aspects cannot be treated uncompromisingly. Handcrafting cables in the Himalaya series, where the spatial topology of conductors plays a key role, is quite backbreaking and laborious, but it's finally possible - as conquering the most difficult mountain peaks. However, we hope that these products will provide for music lovers the opportunity to experience the breathless delight, compared to the thrill on the highest mountain; our special, limited edition bears such a name. We believe that The Signature Series, Himalaya, now joins the world's premier league.

All cables from the SIgnature Series Himalaya, are made to order.  For the most demanding music lovers we offer them also in the PRO version. With the exception of the power cord, Himalaya PRO incorporates Bybee Quantum Purifiers, which makes the only and, at the same time, huge difference. Additionally, on request, there is the possibility of replacing in the interconnects silver mono crystal OCC conductors by analogical copper mono crystal OCC, depending on individual taste and needs.



                Himalaya Interconnect                                                       Himalaya PRO Interconnect


               Himalaya Digital Cable                                                      Himalaya PRO Digital Cable


              Himalaya Speaker Cable                                                   Himalaya PRO Speaker Cable           


                Himalaya Power Cable                                                    Himalaya PRO Power Cable



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