Red Corona


Power Cable




The Red Corona power cable is a reference class cable that provides a high standard of power supply to all types of audio devices, it also perfectly cooperates with power strips, in particular with the KBL Sound Reference Power Distributor, thus affecting all devices connected to the strip. Critics emphasize its musical nature and beneficial effects, especially in anorectic systems that are too bright or lean.



  • Conductors: highest purity mono crystal copper

  • Gauge 11 AWG

  • Special 3-way internal damping system

  • Termination: top line AC and IEC plugs with rhodium over copper plating on all conductive parts, massive brass body with carbon fiber film for better damping and RFI rejection

  • US or schuko plugs avaiable on request

  • 20A IEC connector option for high current devices

  • Standard length available: 1.5m, 2m


Reviews & Awards


rekomendacja audio video


pdf logo1The tested cable is undoubtedly musical. [...] In a system tuned in terms of high precision and neutrality, the KBL Sound able brought the element of fluidization of the sound while maintaining an appropriate level of rhythm and bass foundation. As a result, when I listened quietly, I had the impression of a fuller sound, with a wide dynamic range and good bandwidth extension in both directions. [...] From the perspective of fans of relaxing with music and audiophiles striving to make the sound of their system more flexible, it will definitely be the right choice. Audio Video


pdf logo1Its main feature turns out to be strong, smooth, well-lit foreground, saturated and warm. The most important is the midrange, there is no doubt about that either. We also have momentum and fullness. [...] The rhythm is kept great, there is tempo, there is swing. There is always something going on here, never boring.

Because it is, in general, a big, dense sound. If someone in the system lacks saturation, afterburning, if you have the impression that the sound is too dry, too "thin", the Polish cable will "lead" it straight for you. By itself, it will not save a badly set system, this is a higher level, here we are not talking about error corrections, but about the selection of components. Despite this, its character will allow us to direct our attention to places where previously it was poor.   High Fidelity


pdf logo1Review of Red Corona cables on channel


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