Himalaya II

Speaker Cable


Model H-75S





The flagship speaker cable from the new Himalaya II series is based on pure copper conductors with a monocrystalline structure, obtained in the OCC process and with a specific structure of the strands. Their complex geometry completely protects the sensitive signal from the influence of the increasingly ubiquitous electronic smog, i.e. all kinds of RFI and EMI radiation. Teflon foamed with very fine air bubbles serves as an insulator, other dielectrics in subsequent layers are cotton, polypropylene, and kapton.
The cables are equipped with a tuned, experimentally developed resonance absorption system, which aims to eliminate magnetic interference generated by the current flowing through them on the one hand, and mechanical interference coming from the environment and disturbing their work on the other hand.


Perfect cable terminations are provided by WBT plugs from the nextgen™ WBT-PlasmaProtect™ series with a reduced contact surface to eliminate eddy currents and the so-called. mass accumulation effect. This solution makes the sound faster, more transparent, gains more freedom and spatiality, and at the same time becomes more tangible and present.
The Himalaya II speaker cables faithfully outline individual instruments, this can be heard especially in recordings with a complex structure and instrumentation. They expressively convey the components of each sound source, do not blend them together, thanks to which we can hear overtones and individual elements of the entire arrangement. The saturation of the bass and lower midbass goes hand in hand with excellent control and integration with the rest of the frequency range. The experience of realism with all the naturalness of timbre, speed and insight into the recording is irresistible. The Himalaya II shows flawlessly what the correct relationship between all aspects of the sound looks like. As a result: more music and experience at the highest level.




  • Conductors: highest purity mono crystal OCC copper, size 4.8 mm2 each run

  • Insulators: cellular teflon, kapton, cotton, air, polypropylen

  • Multilayered vibrations damping system

  • Termination: spades WBT 0681 Cu nextgen or bananas WBT 0610 Cu, both from the nextgen ™ WBT-PlasmaProtect ™

  • Standard length available: 2x2 meters, 2x2.5 m, 2x3 m


wbt-0681-cu          wbt-0610-cu



Reviews & Awards




High Fidelity Best Product2021    



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After plugging in the whole set, I was sitting on the couch massacred. I simply couldn't believe my ears. And yet I am not a newbie. I was surprised not only by the scale of changes but also by how spectacular sound I managed to squeeze out of a system I've been using for almost two years. I knew there's always room for improvement, but I didn't think it had so much potential still waiting to be unlocked. This was not a 3% difference, but a change that could be compared to moving from a good integrated amplifier to a high-end preamplifier and monoblocks. StereoLife


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These cables can mess with your head. Even if you have a truly high-performance system and have experimented with much more expensive cables, you will probably still be surprised by what the KBL Sound flagships will deliver. [...] I'm sure that every high-end audio equipment enthusiast should carry out such an experiment in their own system. If only to see how much can be squeezed out of it, how much of its potential is still locked inside the wires, hidden from our view. And if you think you already know everything, because you tried some of the really expensive Nordost, AudioQuest, Cardas, Acoustic Zen, Acrolink, or Siltech cables, or in fact anything you can think of, I guarantee, that listening to the Himalaya II will not be a waste of time. StereoLife

The KBL Sound company is growing and its products are becoming more and more sophisticated. At the same time, considering the sound quality, they are quite attractively priced. I would add to this list of advantages also excellent workmanship, which is on a high, world-class level. The Himalaya II is a very, very good set of high-end cables, intended for well-balanced systems in which you do not have to fight for changes, but to bring out the best in them. High Fidelity


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The Himalaya II speaker cable sounds dynamic and strong. It is incredibly energetic and focused on keeping the rhythm. [...] by connecting a speaker cable from this series to the system, we get a kind of "acceleration". Everything seems a bit more dynamic with it. Although it does not have the same fullness and dark attack that the interconnect charmed with, it is still not a bright or sharp sound.

[...] the speaker cables deliver more precise, more "point-like" sound in the space, and their tonal balance is set higher. In turn, they are more dynamic than interconnects. Both are refined, saturated and stay away from brightness. It is interesting that they complement each other in a nice way, resulting in a presentation that I know, for example, from Crystal Cable products, i.e. expensive silver-gold cables.  High Fidelity


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