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Signal cables play a particularly important role in an audio system, as it is through them that the most fragile signals flow and are then amplified. So every loss is multiplied. Himalaya II lowers these losses to a minimum.
All interconnects in this series use uncompromising conductors made of pure monocrystalline silver obtained in the OCC (Ohno Continous Casting) process. In terms of conductivity, there is a 6% gain over OCC copper. The dielectric of these conductors is air, the best known insulator for practical use. Further, the cables are shielded in several ways, depending on their purpose. Then another shield is created by a multi-layer coating that absorbs vibrations. The WBT Nextgen Signature (RCA) and Neutrik WT (XLR) plugs complete the list of sophisticated components.
Everything you would expect from luxury cables such as the Himalaya II is here. Using the appropriate class of electronics, they surprise the listener with the fullness and coherence of the sound, the unprecedented richness of instrument colors, dynamics and resolution. The most important thing, however, is the feeling of emotional contact with the music and the performers, which immediately makes you sure that everything is as it should be.These cables bring you closer to analog, natural sound.



Unbalanced Interconnect RCA


Himalaya-II-xlr-cut-ramkaBalanced Interconnect XLR



Phono Interconnect RCA



Phono Interconnect DIN 5



Digital Cable SPDiF 75 Ohm RCA




  • Conductors: highest purity mono crystal OCC silver

  • Gauge 20 AWG

  • Dielectric: air, uncoloured Teflon

  • Shielding: copper, tinned copper, silver plated copper

  • Termination RCA: WBT 0152 Ag Nextgen Signature

  • Termination XLR: Neutrik NC3FXX-WT/NC3MXX-WT

  • Phono cables with RCA to RCA (WBT) or RCA to 5 DIN (Cardas) connector to wire up any tonearm

  • Digital cables: SPDiF 75 Ohm RCA or AES/EBU 110 Ohm XLR

  • Standard lenght: 1 m, 1,5 m     


 wbt-0152ag            neutrik-wt



Reviews & Awards



High Fidelity Best Product2021     MS upper echelon award      


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After plugging in the whole set, I was sitting on the couch massacred. I simply couldn't believe my ears. And yet I am not a newbie. I was surprised not only by the scale of changes but also by how spectacular sound I managed to squeeze out of a system I've been using for almost two years. I knew there's always room for improvement, but I didn't think it had so much potential still waiting to be unlocked. This was not a 3% difference, but a change that could be compared to moving from a good integrated amplifier to a high-end preamplifier and monoblocks. StereoLife


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These cables can mess with your head. Even if you have a truly high-performance system and have experimented with much more expensive cables, you will probably still be surprised by what the KBL Sound flagships will deliver. [...] I'm sure that every high-end audio equipment enthusiast should carry out such an experiment in their own system. If only to see how much can be squeezed out of it, how much of its potential is still locked inside the wires, hidden from our view. And if you think you already know everything, because you tried some of the really expensive Nordost, AudioQuest, Cardas, Acoustic Zen, Acrolink, or Siltech cables, or in fact anything you can think of, I guarantee, that listening to the Himalaya II will not be a waste of time. StereoLife


The KBL Sound company is growing and its products are becoming more and more sophisticated. At the same time, considering the sound quality, they are quite attractively priced. I would add to this list of advantages also excellent workmanship, which is on a high, world-class level. The Himalaya II is a very, very good set of high-end cables, intended for well-balanced systems in which you do not have to fight for changes, but to bring out the best in them. High Fidelity


pdf logo1THE POLISH CABLE OFFERS a dark, even, natural sound. I can say that only about few other interconnects, not only from this price range, but also more expensive ones. And when I say that, I think, "that’s a good thing." The Himalaya II interconnect shows events quite close to us. This means warmth, closeness to the foreground and excellent sound coherence. Because the Himalaya II, an analog RCA cable, sounds incredibly pleasant and engaging. It shows large bodies of instruments, it does not attack us with a hardened impact, but rather softly draws us into the story that comes from the speakers (or headphones).   High Fidelity



pdf logo1The field of activity of KBL top power cable is simply in a league of its own and more than worthy of being explored in a first-class high-end audio system. [...] With cables, there's often a feeling of being surrounded by the music but not having an interactive part. Himalaya II cables are quite different in this regard. They uniquely combine what often appears to be a juxtaposition of ambiance and interactivity into a seamless whole. For this virtue alone, Himalaya II cables deserve all the praise.

There's no instant artificial sonic spike, no illusory wow factor that wears off after prolonged listening. KBL Sound Himalaya II cables are not falsy extolling the virtues of music, showing that these cables have come a long way. With Himalaya II it's all about the essentials, no erroneous vocations.

At their level, these cables are both reasonably and highly competitively priced and offer an impressive level of sonic potency and return for their money compared to many higher-priced products.   Mono and stereo


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