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Zodiac series is based on solutions found only in high performance cables. Conductors used to build these speaker cables are made out of mono crystal copper OCC technology. The insulator is PTFE. These cables have separated hot and return wires for each channel. This solution allows to eliminate, virtually to zero, harmful effects of magnetic fields on the signal flowing between the amplifier and speakers, as well as to minimize losses resulting from mechanical instability of the conductors. Cables are terminated with solid gold-plated spades or BFA banana plugs.

Zodiac speaker cables perform with a lively, rich, saturated midrange, filled with details. The highs are smooth but crisp, bass well controlled and rhythmic.



  • Conductors:  highest purity mono crystal copper
  • Separated hot and return wires for each channel
  • Termination: gold plated spades or BFA bananas
  • Other types of connectors avaiable upon request (Cardas CCMS rhodium)
  • Standard length available: 2 m, 2.5 m, 3 m
  • Other lenghts available upon reques         


CMC-gold                    cmc-BFA-gold                    cardas spades



Reviews & Awards


High Fidelity Best Product2016      


pdf logo1Tonal balance of speaker cable is set bit lower (than IC's) and one might describe this sound as “warm” if focus on dense midband and bass is what one means by that. Bass is really well extended and there is even more of it than with IC. When these two cables are used together they tend to enrich the bass even further. Presentation of bass is focused on its timbre and liquidity.

These two cables sound different because of a different perspective they present sound from. Interconnect tends to present the whole event closely to the listener, it conveys particularly palpable sound. Speaker cable on the other hand sets a larger distance between us and music, phantom images are not as large. It is also calmer. The interconnect while delivering very rich sound also conveys huge energy. A leading edge is slightly rounded and in result presentation seems truly refined. Speaker cable adds more perspective to the presentation. Both, used together, combine their qualities delivering rich, palpable performance observed from some perspective.   High Fidelity

 rekomendacja audio video


pdf logo1Bas with Zodiac is distinguished by a great diversity of colors and is quite fast. [...] The second area, which is a domain of the Zodiac is the space. If I were to put it in one word, I would say - "revelation". Stereo with Zodiac is, firstly, a very precise and, secondly, the sound is not only the space behind the speakers, but also from the side and behind the listener's head. In addition, this spatial freedom is achieved almost without effort. The results achieved with the amplifier Norma Audio, which I had the opportunity to use, were spectacular. Maybe I exaggerate a bit, but running a little imagination, one has the impression that the Zodiac not only shows the dimensions of the stage, but also the shape of the spaces in which the recording was made. In terms of stereo it is simply flawless. Also with regard to the colors I appreciate that sound only superlatives. First - smoothness, second - pretty good microdynamic structure, and last - good saturation and decent differentiation - we have everything at once. [...] There is no added any sharpening or filth with Zodiac. It is easy to even get to the point where the driver will jump out of the loudspeaker. This was accompanied by a good rhythm, rip in time. Dynamics was really good.  Audio Video


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