Zodiac-IC-snakeZodiac line is a direct replacement for our previous Hologram range. Being better cables, coming to the market at a similar price level, they re-establish KBL’s leading position and are capable to bring to most customers the final quality to their systems and guarantee long time satisfaction.

They are made of high purity long crystal OCC* copper conductors, which are additionally cryogenically treated. Sonically they carry on the same high qualities, which their predecessor had, but with clarity and resolution taken to another level. In fact, they feature many of the benefits of our flagship model Red Eye. Dynamic, coherence with precision and richness but without sacrifying their tonal qualities comes to mind first. WBT’s top Nextgen connectors are standard for new Zodiac IC.

*(unique Ohno Continuous Casting process).

With pride and great pleasure we can announce that Zodiac interconnects are used as reference in the system of StereoLife magazine.



  • Conductors: high purity mono crystal OCC copper, cryogenically treated
  • Termination: WBT-0114 Cu nextgen or Cardas SRCA Signature connectors
  • Balanced option avaiable with XLR Neutrik connectors
  • Also available as 75 Ohm SPDiF /RCA (WBT) and 110 Ohm AES/EBU (Neutrik) digital cables
  • Avaiable as phono cables coming with RCA to RCA (WBT) or RCA (WBT) to 5 DIN connector (Cardas) to wire up any tonearm
  • Standard length: 1.5m, 2m
  • Other lenght available upon request


WBT-0114          Cardas-SRCA          Neutrik-xlr



Reviews & Awards



High Fidelity Best Product2016


First of all it is particularly refined sound. This quality is sometimes achieved when designers try to offer highest possible fidelity, but it works for truly high end products that are highly detailed and yet very rich. Zodiac interconnect offer that at much lower price.  High Fidelity


                                               sl-wyborredakcji      rekomendacja audio video       HFCBestBuy


pdf logo1 It is a very interesting case – sure it was not quite the same level of performance as delivered by Siltech Triple Crown, or Tellurium Q Silver Diamond, but the way it shaped the sound reminded me of the former.  High Fidelity


pdf logo1KBL Sound represents a little bit different philosophy and goes another direction with their approach. Here it is the natural feeling of music which is the most cherished value and the voicing is made the way to help the listener getting the best possible results. I am convinced, although to achieve that goal and fully enjoy what Zodiacs have to offer one need to have his system put together in the right balance first. This is very genuine interconnect for well seasoned aficionados.  StereoLife 


pdf logo1Above-average musical and sophisticated. Superb stereophony with impressive depth and size of individual virtual sources. Tonally balanced. [...] The Zodiac introduces peace, culture and overall harmony to the system. The dynamics is effortless, that is to say that the cable does not impose its own sound character and provides for the free flow of signals between the player and amplifier. Rarely have I experienced that aesthetics of sound, and if it has been the case, exclusively in the case of producers such as Siltech or Harmonix. [...] The Zodiac creates black background where only the amplifier and columns outline the final musical image. In music there appears delicate sweetness, subtle smoothness, and that's all topped with nearly perfect plasticity and rich palette of colours. The Zodiac offers another advantage, namely it superbly creates the space - the virtual sources are plotted with holographic precision.   Audio Video


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