Digital Cable




Zodiac digital interconnect replaces the previous Hologram, again offering significantly improved performance. The signal comes out smooth and clear without a trace of harshness and technical edginess, with all is musicality retained to its fullness.







  • Conductors: high purity mono crystal copper, cryogenically treated
  • Termination: 75 Ohm SPDiF / RCA (WBT-0114 Cu) or 110 Ohm AES/EBU (Neutrik),  BNC / Furutech FP-3-117(R)
  • Standard length available: 1 m, 1,5 m, 2 m
  • Other lenght available upon request


 WBT-0114          Neutrik-xlr          furutech-fp-3-117-r-bnc-



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