Red Corona

Power Cable




Red-Corona-AC-ramkaThe new Red Corona power cord is an improved version of the highly acclaimed Red Eye Ultimate cable. Red Corona provides a greater degree of adaptation to a specific type of device. It comes in two variants: in one it optimizes the power supply to digital devices and in this embodiment is recommended most for transports and CD players and DAC converters. The second version optimizes the power supply of amplifiers and preamplifiers, it also works perfectly with power strips, in particular with the KBL Sound Reference Power Distributor, thus affecting all devices connected to the slats in the described way.




  • Two versions of the power cable: for digital and analog devices
  • Conductors: highest purity mono crystal copper
  • Special internal damping system
  • Termination: top line AC and IEC plugs with rhodium over copper plating on all conductive parts, massive brass body with carbon fiber film for better damping and RFI rejection
  • US or schuko plugs avaiable on request
  • 20A IEC connector option for high current devices
  • Standard length available: 1.5m, 2m
  • Other lenghts available upon request



Reviews & Awards of the predecessor Red Eye Ultimate


 Best Product 2014


High Fidelity Best Product2014


Together with Red Eye power cables it creates a complete power system that should work very well in every high-end system. Reference Power Distributor and Red Eye power cable are now elements of „High Fidelity's” SYSTEM B.   High Fidelity


Red Fingerprint





I’m all out for it and give it the RED Fingerprint award.   High Fidelity



Best Buy Award




Having Red Eye Ultimate in one’s system involves a serious danger of not having enough sleep because it is easy to loose a track of time with them. But hey! – it is worth it!   Hi-Fi Choice




In fact, I could at this point just copy the summary of the Himalaya test, adding only that these two lines sound quite similar although the flagship is doing everything a little better/faster/more. And it would be true. Because Red Eye Ultimate also offer a mature, complete sound with strong bass foundation, with rich, vibrant, lively treble, and a smooth, juicy, rich midrange. Because they offer great dynamics combined with perfect timing and differentiation. Because they are able to deliver amazingly resolving sound with a huge soundstage and large phantom images[...] Because when one plugs them into a high quality hi fi system one is offered a glimpse into a higher class of performance, and if the system actually matches these cables’ class a pure magic happens. And finally because with Red Eye Ultimate in the system right after one album ends one feels compelled to reach for another one just to find out how will it sound like.   Hifi Knights




HFM-logoThe Ultimate Series performance is extremely consistent and organized in the timing domain; with music, the feeling of rythm is more important than frequency. Such playback attracts and relaxes, and its class is surprising at this price level. It is a great attraction and makes that even records that we forwarded before, now become richer and more interesting.[…] The fundamentals are good source, amplifier and loudspeakers and at the beginning you have them squeeze to the maximum possibilities. Later a synergy of a further 20-30% can be found, which nobody may have expected. Then the sound is really enjoyable and the difference is immediately obvious. Red Eye Ultimate belongs to those cables that enables us to achieve this effect more easily. This is the first and most important advantage. The second is the construction of a sounstage with detailed depth. Ultimate doesn´t mask or muffle anything, it clearly convinces us that it feels at home in hi-end company.  Hi-Fi & Music




positive feedback logoThe product is a remarkable achievement, both in terms of finish and sound quality.

[...] Without much hesitation, I could say straight away that the Polish power cords and power strip are as good as the Japanese system [latest Mexcel 7N-PC9500 version + Acoustic Revive RTP-4eu Ultimate power strip]. Or that I cannot hear any difference between them. I could perhaps even say that in extreme circumstances the Red Eye and the Reference Power Distributor are better than my reference system. That's not the end, though—some of very expensive systems will greet the sonic modifications introduced by the Polish products with a sigh relief, repaying them with extraordinary coherence, vividness and slight forwardness of detail that usually disappears in the background noise.  Positive-feedback Issue 71



KBL Sound power distributor looks like it was made by a company with several years of experience on audio market that just prepared its newest, top model. Fit&finish, packaging and sound – all these features of this Reference Power Distributor are great. That is amazing especially considering that this is in fact one of the first KBL's products. Together with Red Eye power cables it creates a complete power system that should work very well in every high-end system. Reference Power Distributor and Red Eye power cable are now elements of „High Fidelity's” SYSTEM B. 




hifiphilosophyAs the only one it offered absolutely quiet transmission, not weighting it against any excessive contrast and other exaggerated performance. It was music itself. Quiet, impressionistic, with beautiful, gentle forms. No excessive depth, overly dark background, no brightness or sparkling. Bright light, soothing all the contours and allowing music to be itself with no additional ornaments. [...] Whenever I have changed the Red Eye to another cable, I have had the impression of artificiality, disturbances to music and less or greater exaggeration.  Hifi philosophy


Sound Rebels logoThanks to replacing the Furutech cable with the Red Eye the whole has been carefully weighted and additionally saturated. The emphasis, which has been so far operating mainly in the domain of transparency and motility, also embraced colour and emotionality in its scope.   Soundrebels


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