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The Red Corona series is the direct successor of the Red Eye Ultimate series, further improved in several aspects. The new Red Corona interconnect sounds even more spatially and intriguing, with an even more perceptible tonal balance than its predecessor, the Red Eye Ultimate. It provides more information about the recording and more clearly expresses the air around the instruments. In the appropriate class system, it can create the illusion of a real musical event. At the same time, its value for money certainly belongs to one of the best on the market.

The conductors used in the construction of these cables were made of ultra pure monocrystalline copper, obtained in OCC technology. The insulator is air, the best known dielectric for practical use. As in our top constructions, the hot and neutral are physically separated from each other to minimize the mutual influence of magnetic fields. Thanks to all these solutions, Red Corona interconnect are characterized by an extremely low capacity.



  • Conductors: highest purity mono crystal OCC copper
  • Termination: WBT 0152 Cu nextgen plugs
  • Balanced version available using Neutrik XLR NC3MX/FX plugs
  • Also available as phono interconnects (the conductor is OCC silver), on one side terminated with RCA plugs, and on the side of the arm either 5 DIN or RCA
  • Standard length available: 1 m, 1.5m, 2m
  • Other lenght available upon request                   


 wbt-0152cu          Neutrik-xlr


 Reviews & Awards




The Red Corona interconnect makes the listening experience extremely enjoyable. It's performance has the right feeling, I have no doubts about it, in no way is it slowed down, but still calm, nice. Thanks to that any music sounds amazingly with it. It's a cable that does not discriminate any recordings, it does not reject inferior ones. The differences between them are clear, but they are not what really matters. Which is interesting because the treble is not rolled off.   High Fidelity

pdf logo1If you are looking for qualities that together create a high quality, satisfying listening experience, then Red Corona might be your choice. What these cables offer is: softness, naturalness, calmness, smoothness, momentum, they allow you to truly enjoy the music. These are the cables that connect and do not divide – using the language or current politics - and they do it for real, without pretending. You can listen to any album with them without gnashing your teeth and nervous biting of your nails, and use in any system they will present only its good sides. I like this type of performance, hence the RED Fingerprint award to me seems to be the natural result of this test.   High Fidelity


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From the very beginning of the listening session I felt that it was an extremely enjoyable, listener-friendly cable. This is not achieved using some shortcuts – the sound is not overly warm and mellow, or artificially smoothed out – not at all! Although some cheap cables I know create a similar first impression. The point is that the latter are not as resolving, do not deliver such a huge wealth of information, are not so open and spacious sounding as the Red Corona.   


When listening to recorded music, it is impossible to completely reconstruct all the impressions, feelings we experience during a live event. The Red Corona, however, gets listeners as close to such an unattainable ideal as only few absolute top competitors I know.


With this interconnect, any well-recorded acoustic music sounds simply remarkable. [...] Except for the top, so much more expensive, Siltech Triple Crown IC, I do not know any other interconnect [...], that I would rather have for such recordings in my system instead of the Red Corona. And since I listen mostly to such acoustic (but not necessarily live) recordings, this Polish cable is simply my dream IC. It does something extraordinary with the sound of acoustic instruments.

The Red Corona is capable of delivering an abundance of information, details and subtleties, and in addition, it does it in a very clear, but non-aggressive way, without attracting listener’s attention to themselves, which would distract them from listening to the music as a whole. [...]  All this combined with another advantage, the ability to create an impression of instrument’s/performers’ presence in the room, builds exceptional realism of the presentation.   Hifi Knights


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