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Red Corona speaker cables are an improved version of Red Eye Ultimate cables, with a more universal application. At the same time, they remain at the same price level. The hot and return wires for each channel were separated in them. This solution allowed to eliminate virtually to zero the harmful effect of magnetic fields on the signal flowing between the amplifier and speakers, as well as minimize losses resulting from the mechanical instability of the conductors. The copper used for their production has the highest quality standard. It is a homogeneous, monocrystalline copper of high purity, devoid of a granular structure, constituting an electron barrier.

In many systems, speaker cables from the Red Corona series can be the ultimate solution regardless of the price.



  • Conductors:  highest purity mono crystal OCC copper protected against oxidation
  • Separated run of hot and return wires for each channel
  • Termination: copper CMC Swiss spades silver plated
  • Other types of connectors avaiable upon request
  • Standard length available: 2 m, 2.5m, 3m
  • Other lenghts available upon request          




 Reviews & Awards




The music had momentum, and the speaker cable added extensive space into the system, which in this case translated into something that can only be described as a "cool trip".   High Fidelity

pdf logo1If you are looking for qualities that together create a high quality, satisfying listening experience, then Red Corona might be your choice. What these cables offer is: softness, naturalness, calmness, smoothness, momentum, they allow you to truly enjoy the music. These are the cables that connect and do not divide – using the language or current politics - and they do it for real, without pretending. You can listen to any album with them without gnashing your teeth and nervous biting of your nails, and use in any system they will present only its good sides. I like this type of performance, hence the RED Fingerprint award to me seems to be the natural result of this test.   High Fidelity





Reviews & Awards of the predecessor Red Eye Ultimate


2017 Cables of the Year




In comparison to world market prices, these speaker cables and interconnects are bargains in relation to performance. Well-known brands at this level of performance often seem to count for more while many of their offers do not reach the quality of The Ultimate.   Hi-Fi & Music


  Best Buy Award




Having Red Eye Ultimate in one’s system involves a serious danger of not having enough sleep because it is easy to loose a track of time with them. But hey! – it is worth it!  Hi-Fi Choice




In fact, I could at this point just copy the summary of the Himalaya test, adding only that these two lines sound quite similar although the flagship is doing everything a little better/faster/more. And it would be true. Because Red Eye Ultimate also offer a mature, complete sound with strong bass foundation, with rich, vibrant, lively treble, and a smooth, juicy, rich midrange. Because they offer great dynamics combined with perfect timing and differentiation. Because they are able to deliver amazingly resolving sound with a huge soundstage and large phantom images[...] Because when one plugs them into a high quality hi fi system one is offered a glimpse into a higher class of performance, and if the system actually matches these cables’ class a pure magic happens. And finally because with Red Eye Ultimate in the system right after one album ends one feels compelled to reach for another one just to find out how will it sound like.   Hifi Knights




HFM-logoThe Ultimate Series performance is extremely consistent and organized in the timing domain; with music, the feeling of rythm is more important than frequency. Such playback attracts and relaxes, and its class is surprising at this price level. It is a great attraction and makes that even records that we forwarded before, now become richer and more interesting.[…] The fundamentals are good source, amplifier and loudspeakers and at the beginning you have them squeeze to the maximum possibilities. Later a synergy of a further 20-30% can be found, which nobody may have expected. Then the sound is really enjoyable and the difference is immediately obvious. Red Eye Ultimate belongs to those cables that enables us to achieve this effect more easily. This is the first and most important advantage. The second is the construction of a sounstage with detailed depth. Ultimate doesn´t mask or muffle anything, it clearly convinces us that it feels at home in hi-end company.




HFM-logoCables kept almost all the goodies which the younger one, The Hologram already posses, but adding even more clearance, micro-dynamic and something hard to define, but the word realism, just comes automatically to my mind. Their top Red Eyes seems to not change the sound balance or character of the presentation at all. They touch nothing, but one can’t loose the feeling that some curtain between the event and the listener had been removed. Everything becomes more close and present, but not because it stepped forward, but it became much easier to sense. Precision and an accuracy of the presentation bring to mind using headphones, but nothing is locked in your head. All is living in a 3 dimensional space instead. The neutrality , consistency and realism offered by those cables are all on the true hi end level.   Hi-Fi & Music




HFM-logoRed Eyes are offering very open and balanced presentation and high realism in playback. The sound is natural and emotionally engaging. And it had been said just about the interconnect, when using them together is like a Thunder effect.   Hi-Fi & Music





Sound Rebels logoTrying to describe how they do behave in each sub-band, in addition to saturated but clear mid - range one gets very well articulated but not coloured bass, all that without stepping forward at any part of fq , but when it’s needed, just for showing off they have a claw and can spark up an upper range. Looking at their stage – building abilities , all is there right in place, fantastically mapped in to three dimensions : depth and breadth and height.   Soundrebels





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