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Himalaya-speaker1Signature Series Himalaya speaker cables have been designed completely from scratch, with unique solutions. Handcrafting of these cables is a time-consumming process, but just like with the rest of the Himalaya series, we assumed that what finally matters is the uncompromising result and manufacturing costs do not play a role.

They are based on multistrand mono crystal copper conductors OCC and specific wire structure design. Their complex geometry completely protects the sensitive signal from the impact of the increasingly ubiquitous electronic smog, or any kind of radiation from the outside. Another feature of this solution is very low inductance, which is favourable for this type of cable. 

The cables have tuned, experimentally developed resonance absorbing system,. These help to eliminate magnetic distortions generated by the current flowing through the conductors and also mechanical lapping with the environment that disturbs their work. One of its components are anti-vibration rings of selected wood. Perfect termination provide a WBT NextGen Signature series spades with a reduced contact surface to eliminate eddy currents and mass storage effects. This solution ensures that the sound is freed from the ballast that can weigh it down. it acquires more freedom and spaciousness, and also becomes more substantial. For the most demanding music lovers we offer them also in the PRO version, which uses Bybee Speaker Bullets for each separate line.

These cables set a new standard for music playback quality. They sketch in more detail the various instruments. This can be heard especially in the recordings of complex structure and instrumentation. Himalaya cables reflect clearly the contours Himalaya-Pro-Spk-ramkaof each source, they do not merge them together, so that we hear in unison the individual components of the whole arrangement. Bass saturation and lower midbass goes hand in hand with excellent control and integration with the rest of the frequency spectrum. The feel of realism with all the naturalness of colour, speed and insight into the recording is irresistible. Himalaya unmistakably shows how the proper relationship between all aspects of the sound should be. The result: more music and emotions at the highest level regardless the price.

Himalaya PRO Speaker Cable  NEW!



  • Conductors: highest purity mono crystal OCC copper
  • Tuned vibrations damping system
  • Antivibration ring of selected wood
  • Termination: spades WBT 0661 Cu or 0681 Cu nextgen, bananas WBT 0610 Cu
  • Other optional connectors available upon request
  • Optional PRO version with Bybee Speaker Bullets incorporated for each separate ine
  • Standard length available: 2x2 meters, 2x2.5 m, 2x3 m
  • Other lengths available upon reques    


wbt-0661-cu          wbt-0610Cu



Reviews & Awards



High Fidelity Best Product2015




It is hard to compete with renown brands on high-end market. But when man knows what and how to make than comparing his products with those of famous brands may bring very interesting results. Himalaya by KBL offers a remarkable performance – a rich, dense, precise, slightly dark sound that will be a great complement of many refined, high-end systems.   High Fidelity


Editor's Choice




Himalaya are remarkable products! I believe that these could go toe-to-toe with best cables made by renown competitors and probably win at least some of such contests proving that one doesn’t have to spend a (big) fortune on cables for ultimate performance, but that a much smaller one could be enough.   Hifi Choice


pdf logo1Performance of Polish cables is excellent, refined. It reminded me of the most expensive models of  Siltech—from both Double and Triple Crown lines. They deliver very focused, dense, rich with harmonics sound. [...] Himalaya preserve a wonderful tonal coherence and so called "flow". With them music becomes a complete event. Listener won't focus on details, as these are usually recording artifacts and not elements of the music itself. They deliver also a lot of information and only the most expensive lines from Siltech and Tara Labs can offer a bit more. If you don't compare them head-to-head multiple times, if you don't know Siltechs very well, you probably won't even notice any difference in the resolution and selectivity between Himalaya and Double Crown, or it will be so small you won't really care, especially considering that the latter is a few times more expensive. [...]  Polish cables slightly emphasize upper midrange which makes them sound bit more open, more "fresh". This also makes them similar (I mean the IC) to the Japanese 聖HIJIRI  HGP-10R "Million". They offer similar tonality, attack and its power but the Polish cable is even more refined when it comes to presenting small relations between elements of the music and to "drawing" soft textures. [...] These are excellent cables. The simple fact that I had to use a few times more expensive cables as my reference to describe how they work, speaks for itself.   Positive Feedback


 pdf logo1These are one of the best cables I've ever heard - only Siltech (interconnects and speaker cables) and Tara Labs (speaker cables only) are capable to bring a bit more to the table. Except those, all other, no matter how good they are, have simply no go.  High Fidelity


pdf logo1With the whole set of the Polish cables, phantom images became even better defined in the space, more focused and, as a result the enhanced separation, simply conveyed in a better way. Sound got even richer, instruments and voices had even ‘more’ body now. It wasn’t achieved by shifting tonal balance towards lower regions of the range. None of said images seemed artificially enlarged – there was more ‘body’ but within limits of natural performance. They sounded richer, fuller, more palpable and each of them was also amazingly powerful emitting this crazy amount of energy towards a listener. [...]   Hifi Knights



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