Signature Series Himalaya

Power Cable




Signature Series Himalaya power cable, from the very beginning, was developed for  devices requiring high current supply. And indeed, it is extremely well suited for this type of application: whether the first cable from the socket to the power strip or conditioner or for large, high current tube & solid state power amplifiers. This is achieved through doubling the gauge of specially twisted copper conductors in comparison to our previously flagship, acclaimed and award-winning model, Red Eye. Conductors have a monocrystalline structure and are additionally protected against oxidation. Himalaya has also a more developed system of maintaining the mechanical stability of conductors and leveling their own resonances caused by the flow of electrons. It also has better plugs. They are now made to company order and the body is cut out of brass, not stainless steel. They have a carbon fibre film for protection against vibration and radiation RFI and EMI. All the contact elements are made of reinforced copper and then rhodium plated. Finally the plugs are cryogenically treated and demagnetized. An optional version with a 20A IEC connector Furutech FI-52 (R) for high current devices equipped with the appropriate socket is also available.

Extensive listening tests have clearly shown that not only in these high current applications does Himalaya go even further than Red Eye. Each piece of equipment plugged with the cable within the appropriate class system takes a deeper breath, displays more power, and more freedom of sound. The stream turns into a river and the road into a highway. You get the feeling that nothing limits the sound in its realism and expression. Music is given accurately, with extreme palpability.

Signature Series Himalaya power cable was awarded by Hi-Fi & Music magazine with the Award of the Year 2017 and is used along with Himalaya interconnects as a reference in editor's system. Power cord is also used as a reference in High Fidelity magazine editor's system along with our Reference Power Distributor and Red Eye power cables.

AC Himalaya works best with analog devices (amplifiers, preamplifiers). For digital sources we recommend AC Himalaya PRO or all cables from TriKord Power Series.


  • Conductors: high purity multi-stranded mono crystal copper, anti-oxidation protected
  • The multi-layer insulation system, vibration damping for the whole cable and the individual wires
  • Antivibration ring of selected wood
  • Termination: highest quality AC and IEC plugs company's custom-made of brass with rhodium over copper plating on all conductive parts, massive brass body with carbon fiber film for better damping and RFI rejection
  • US type or schuko plugs avaiable upon request
  • 20A IEC connector option for high current devices
  • Standard length: 1.5 m, 2m
  • Other lengths upon request



 Reviews & Awards

2017 Cable of the Year



This is a business card of this company and a collection of the best experiences gained through years of activity. Everything in these cables is the "most" [...] There is so much new in the music that it's impossible to break away from listening and deny the pleasure of putting another disc on the player.  Hi-Fi & Music


 Reference System Award


HF Reference system


It's a really good, solid performer that will stay in our A System.   High Fidelity


 Editor's Choice




Himalaya are remarkable products! I believe that these could go toe-to-toe with best cables made by renown competitors and probably win at least some of such contests proving that one doesn’t have to spend a (big) fortune on cables for ultimate performance, but that a much smaller one could be enough.    Hi-Fi  Choice



HFM okladkapdf logo1In the reference system Himalaya AC proved to be a hit. Without it would be incomplete, so it has stay. [...] The sound became fulfilled, and gained more than before bass solidity. It retained contours, but gained freedom, so in bass and in space. It became more abundant, more saturated, but not greasy. It became more weighty, while maintaining flawless sculpture.   Hi-Fi & Music




pdf logo1With the whole set of the Polish cables, phantom images became even better defined in the space, more focused and, as a result the enhanced separation, simply conveyed in a better way. Sound got even richer, instruments and voices had even ‘more’ body now. It wasn’t achieved by shifting tonal balance towards lower regions of the range. None of said images seemed artificially enlarged – there was more ‘body’ but within limits of natural performance. They sounded richer, fuller, more palpable and each of them was also amazingly powerful emitting this crazy amount of energy towards a listener. [...]  Hifi Knights


pdf logo1Polish cable delivers a highly detailed sound. As I said, sound is smooth, silky so the abundance of details does not come from emphasis on a part of the range. Selectivity of Himalaya is really good, better than of Crystal Cable and Acrolink. Even Harmonix, that delivers very open, active sound, tended to present details in less distinctive way [...] What I'm describing are details from the front of the stage particularly powerful, energetic ones.[...] It's a really well balanced cable offering great performance. Its sonic character seems similar to that of Siltech and Crystal Cable products, which is curious, because these two brands use silver and gold as material for conductors, while KBL Sound power cable is made of copper. At the same time Polish cable offers very dynamic sound, with particularly active midrange, which is something associated rather with copper cables. I should add that its presentation tends to focus listener's attention on the middle of the stage, just like it usually happens during live concerts.   High Fidelity



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