Signature Series Himalaya




Interkonekty-HimalayaSignature Series Himalaya interconnect use the same conductors as the model Red Eye Ultimate but their number is twice as big and the topology is more complex. They are made of the highest purity mono crystal silver or copper, as a result of OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) process. This is a special metallurgical method, which ensures the conductors obtain a perfectly homogeneous molecular structure, with the highest clarity. Single crystals of metal reach a length of 125 metres. As a result, the electron beam passes through such a conductor without facing any barrier and does not degrade. The signal transmitted in this way has the highest smoothness and accuracy due to the absence of phase delay and distortion. Additionally, the cable is shielded in several ways against EM and RF interferences. A special multi-layered jacket protects the cables from external vibrations.

We offer these interconnect also in the PRO version, which incorporates Bybee Quantum Purifiers. As a result of such non-compromising solutions, we gain cables that introduce the listener to the magic of music with a full load of emotions and with all the nuances in the right proportion.Especially Signature Series Himalaya PRO is a state-of-the art product worthy of the most demanding systems regarless the price of the worldwide market.



  • Conductors: highest purity mono crystal OCC silver (or mono crystal OCC copper on request)
  • Shielding: multi-shield
  • Termination RCA: WBT 0152 Ag nextgen Signature, WBT 0152 Cu nextgen Topline
  • Termination XLR: Oyaide Focus rhodium plated
  • PRO version incorporating Bybee Quantum Purifiers (RCA only)
  • Avaiable as phono cables with RCA to RCA (WBT) or RCA to 5 DIN (Cardas) connector to wire up any tonearm
  • Standard length available: 1 m, 1.5m, 2m
  • Other lenght available upon request


 wbt-0152ag          wbt-0152cu          Oyaide-focus










                   Himalaya Phono Cable                                                 Himalaya PRO Interconnect  NEW!   



 Himalaya PRO XLR Interconnect  NEW!




Reviews & Awards



High Fidelity Best Product2015          


   RED FINGERPRINT-red          


It is hard to compete with renown brands on high-end market. But when man knows what and how to make than comparing his products with those of famous brands may bring very interesting results. Himalaya by KBL offers a remarkable performance – a rich, dense, precise, slightly dark sound that will be a great complement of many refined, high-end systems.   High Fidelity




Himalaya are remarkable products! I believe that these could go toe-to-toe with best cables made by renown competitors and probably win at least some of such contests proving that one doesn’t have to spend a (big) fortune on cables for ultimate performance, but that a much smaller one could be enough.   Hifi Choice


HFM okladkaHimalaya interconnect retains the greatest advantages of the Red Eye Ultimate, which is its depth, excellent timing and liquid transmission. It adds more clarity to the details and a better-educated ability to divide the hair into four. Music becomes slightly smoother and at the same time more resolving. It flows more freely, maintaining the model of rhythmic discipline. In short you can say that we get more good sound.   Hi-Fi & Music


pdf logo1 Performance of Polish cables is excellent, refined. It reminded me of the most expensive models of  Siltech—from both Double and Triple Crown lines. They deliver very focused, dense, rich with harmonics sound. [...] Himalaya preserve a wonderful tonal coherence and so called "flow". With them music becomes a complete event. Listener won't focus on details, as these are usually recording artifacts and not elements of the music itself. They deliver also a lot of information and only the most expensive lines from Siltech and Tara Labs can offer a bit more. If you don't compare them head-to-head multiple times, if you don't know Siltechs very well, you probably won't even notice any difference in the resolution and selectivity between Himalaya and Double Crown, or it will be so small you won't really care, especially considering that the latter is a few times more expensive. [...]  Polish cables slightly emphasize upper midrange which makes them sound bit more open, more "fresh". This also makes them similar (I mean the IC) to the Japanese 聖HIJIRI  HGP-10R "Million". They offer similar tonality, attack and its power but the Polish cable is even more refined when it comes to presenting small relations between elements of the music and to "drawing" soft textures. [...] These are excellent cables. The simple fact that I had to use a few times more expensive cables as my reference to describe how they work, speaks for itself.   Positive Feedback


pdf logo1These are one of the best cables I've ever heard - only Siltech (interconnects and speaker cables) and Tara Labs (speaker cables only) are capable to bring a bit more to the table. Except those, all other, no matter how good they are, have simply no go.  High Fidelity


pdf logo1 With the whole set of the Polish cables, phantom images became even better defined in the space, more focused and, as a result the enhanced separation, simply conveyed in a better way. Sound got even richer, instruments and voices had even ‘more’ body now. It wasn’t achieved by shifting tonal balance towards lower regions of the range. None of said images seemed artificially enlarged – there was more ‘body’ but within limits of natural performance. They sounded richer, fuller, more palpable and each of them was also amazingly powerful emitting this crazy amount of energy towards a listener. That’s how I perceive live performances, especially the acoustic ones, that’s what sets them apart from a music that is ‘only’ reproduced by a system. It’s not just about quality and character of the sound that reaches our ears, not of dynamics alone either, but about this incredible physical energy that is released each time a drum stick hits a drum or a cymbal, or a finger plucks a string and so on. That’s one of key differences between live performance and music played even by most sophisticated systems. [...] One of the results of such presentation was richer, more weighty sound of the instruments when played with Himalaya IC (which on this album was most obvious with a trumpet performance). In comparison, the same phantom images placed further away by Swedish cables seemed to offer a bit less rich sound (still well-bodied but to a lesser degree).   Hifi Knights


Himalaya-coverpdf logo1Himalaya XLR  interconnect in HiFi Review (Hong Kong)







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