Signature Series Himalaya PRO

Power Cable





Signature Series Himalaya Pro power cable is more advanced version of Himalaya power cable. Himalaya Pro AC power cable has an independent run of all three conductor paths: live, neutral and ground. Each of them incorporates individually tuned damping and shielding system. This made it possible to minimize the influence mutually interfering magnetic fields generated by the current flow. Plugs are made to company order, and the shell is cut out of brass, not steel. All conductive parts are made of tellurium copper, rhodium plated. Finally they are criogenically treated and demagnetized. As option IEC 20A Furutech FI-52 (R) plug for high current devices with appropriate IEC inlet.

Himalaya PRO sets a new standard for fast, detailed, airy, saturated and smooth sound. The soundstage is drawn deeper than ever, and the sound completely derives from the speakers, and it is fully balanced, with a captivating natural colour and resolution. We become witnesses of the phenomenon: performers materialize before us.

AC Himalaya PRO works as exceptional with digital sources (cd transports, dacs, streamers) as with analog devices (amplifiers, preamps).



  • Conductors: highest purity multi-stranded mono crystal copper, anti-oxidation protected
  • Separate multi-layer insulation and vibration damping system for each of the three groups of conductors
  • Controlled spacing of conductor to conductor geometry
  • Termination: top line AC schuko or US type and IEC plugs with rhodium over copper plating on all conductive parts, massive brass body with carbon fiber film for better damping and RFI rejection
  • FI-48(R), FI-48E(R) i FI-48M(R) as option
  • 20A IEC connector as option for high current devices
  • Standard length: 1.5 m, 2m
  • Other lengths upon request



    Furutech FI-48 (R)


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