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After the great success of our top range Red Eye power cord and an excellent reception it received locally and abroad we decided to use the experience gained during its development and try to create the cable in a more accessible price segment, based on the proven design of higher model. This has been more than we expected, because Fluid power cable, although it is the least expensive product of this type in our catalogue, offers surprisingly many of the Red's features. Each device hooked up to the network using this Fluid power cable will gain greater energy and will result in a beautiful timbre, and a performance full of emotion, just like it was here and now.



  • Conductors: silver plated OFHC copper, cryogenically treated
  • Termination: high quality AC and IEC plugs with gold over copper on all conductive parts, nylon body
  • US or schuko plugs avaiable on request
  • Standard length available: 1.5m, 2m
  • Other lenghts available upon request



Reviews & Awards


AV wybor redakcji





pdf logo1I can honestly tell you, that it is a remarkable product […] This cable offers sound that is neither warm nor cold – just something in between. It also perfectly combines a rich, colorful and three-dimensional sound with a high precision. […] Since that's the least expensive model in KBL Sound's line up, imagine how the others sound like?! Anyway, you can just go ahead and buy Fluid, I can't image it being a wrong move...  Audio Video


 pdf logo1Plugging the cable in brings some kind of positive signature to the sound: it comes out more calm and relaxed, but on the top of all it is its organic feeling and sense of authenticity in sound what convinces me most. And this "something" always comes from most reliable designs only. It increases the sound energy, cleans and adds the color to the sound - makes it more complete and more in order. It lightens up details, reveals the tonal depth and makes image more transparent. KBL Sound Fluid is a power cord that has it all.  And the best is that its superior performance ratio comes with equally great market price. I would recommend to anyone to listen to it !   stereo i kolorowo


pdf logo1Fluid has a vivid, balanced, organic and analogue sound and does not neglect such aspects of the presentation like transparency, space or dynamics. It slightly warming the sound, which might be desired in many systems - especially those that sound toward the technical correctness and accuracy. Very pleasant to listen to.   StereoLife



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