Interkonekty-FluidFluid signal cables replaces Spectre from our previous classic line. They have the same tonal balance and natural colours as well as very good soundstage image. They are making a great match with any small and medium budget system and are made of the same conductors as our previous Hologram IC's, bringing to the table almost the same quality for a much more affordable price.






  • Conductors: silver plated copper
  • Termination: silver plated RCA or WBT-0144 connectors
  • Standard length: 1.5m, 2m
  • Other lenght available upon request


CardasSLVR          WBT-0144



Reviews & Awards




Highly Recommended Award


pdf logo1KBL SOUND Spectre interconnects managed to work with the musical flow evoking enough intrigue, that clearly invites you to closely relate with the interactive potency of music. [...] They're a refreshingly well sounding and at the given price range, that is actually closer to many people budget. Few of those, that would think about getting into high-end audio cable might start thinking about them.   Mono & Stereo



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