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Fluid High Definition




Fluid-HD-ramkaFluid High Definition signal cables are another example of how we strive to harness the experience gained in designing top cable models in products that are available to a much larger audience for the price. Structurally, Flud HD interconnect has a lot of common with our flagship Himalaya and Red Eye Ultimate. The difference lies mainly in the use of the purified OFHC copper instead of monocrystalline, and excellent, professional grade, Neutrik Profi plugs instead of WBT plugs. As a result, Fluid HD has a lot more to offer in its class than its price would indicate, and it can even satisfy lower high-end system owners.



  • Conductors: OFHC copper
  • Shielding: silver plated copper
  • Termination: Neutrik Profi
  • Standard length: 1.5m, 2m
  • Other lenght available upon request


Neutrik Profi

        Neutrik Profi


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It is a cable with unusual transparency, which I would expect at a price level much higher than 1000$ [...] Fluid HD is an absolutely excellent cable at its price. Impresses with its versatility and lack of any shortcomings.  Audio Video


pdf logo1I think that many seekers will be delighted with Fluid HD.

[...] To be honest, I do not recall the test of the interconnect, which would have such a significant impact on the stereophony. The Polish signal cable masterfully defines the precision of the location of sound sources, expanding the scene both in depth and in width, sometimes to the size, referred to in reviews, the stadium.

The bass is controlled, and in recordings, in which a special care is placed on emphasizing the depth of the harmonic base, it can also be powerful. Nevertheless, it feels best in the upper sub-range, where you can present more nuances. This character matches the predisposition to expose the rhythm. He introduces an element of optimism to the sound - as if he could not resist displaying the joy of reproducing the sound.

The colors have just room temperature. I could not detect even a slight overload - neither towards warming nor cooling. The mids is characterized by fluidity and harmony.   Hi-Fi & Music


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