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Synchro Master Power cable is the flagship of TriKord Power® Series which incorporates our own advanced and unique TriKord Power® technology. This cable has exceptional design and is absolutely uncompromising in all construction solutions and materials. Sophisticated topology of conductor runs, controlled spacing of conductor to conductor geometry, special damping and shielding system for each of them separately, allowed us to obtain results, you just can't find elsewhere. Multistrand conductors are made of a structurally homogeneous pure mono crystal copper, resulting virtually in a connection of one long crystal of the metal from plug to plug. The plugs in the model Synchro are Fi-Fi-E50 and 50 NCF Furutech of applied nanotechnology, in which the conductive parts are made of high purity α (Alpha) processed copper. As a result, the current flow path is free of any barriers to the flow of electrons. The body of piezoceramic Furutech plugs are armed with a silver-plated braided carbon fiber, and damping - insulating coating copolymer acetal.

Most KBL Sound products lets you get rid of the mechanical nature of the sound, residing more or less in almost all systems, which often means the horror for their owners. Synchro Master Power, however, does it in even greater degree. It acts more like a device to synchronize and harmonize, brings order and proper proportions of all aspects of the sound. Not strengthens nor weakens, does not add anything, but also not diminish. It just allows music to live.

There are cables designed so that their use creates a spectacular performance by exaggeration or highlight whether the size of the soundstage, or the frequency extremes, or the details. However, if you are not looking for special effects (ie. added), and the only goal is reliable reproduction of musical event, with all its executive commitment and without changing its characteristics, Synchro is the right choice. Only keeping the appropriate proportions allows the recreation of the live element of play in the reproduction from the disc or tape. Related equipment must, however, also have the same potential neutrality and does not require any correction.

Synchro Master Power is a cable that can easy compete with any of the top-rated cables of even the most recognized producers and at a much higher price level. Just compare it with them ...



  • Conductors: 9 AWG pure monocrystal copper

  • Insulation: Teflon

  • Unique TriKord Power® technology

  • Separate multi-layer insulation and vibration damping system for each of the three gropus of conductors

  • Controlled spacing of conductor to conductor geometry

  • Termination: Furutech Fi-E50 NCF(R) and Fi-50 NCF(R) plugs. α (Alpha) Pure-Copper Rhodium-plated main Conductor.

  • Furutech FI-50M NCF as option (US type)

  • Furutech IEC Fi-52 NCF 20A plug as option for high current devices

  • Standard lenghts: 1.5 m, 2m


FI-50-NCF             FI-E50-NCF              FI-50M-NCF              FI-52-NCF

          FI-50 NCF                                 FI-E50 NCF                                FI-50M NCF                                 FI-52 NCF



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They are among the best for sure, and in this group they quite likely offer the best price/performance ratio.   Hifi Knights


The fact is that this cable makes a devilish difference! It opens the scene, increases the palpability, binds the bass with mids, and mids with highs. Creates a sound continuum. The boundary between the frequencies completely blurs. Synchro Master Power introduces incredible smoothness and order, while enhancing sound, significantly increasing resolution, legibility and even dynamics. More, of course, on a micro scale than a macro. The sound comes alive, vigor, blush, color. But it also becomes more delicate, sublimated. These changes are really not small ...   Audio Video

pdf logo1It would be easy to state that both, the Synchro Master Reference power cables and the latest version of the RPD-6 power distributor are world-class components and put a full stop here. I think that if their sonic character, because after all, KBL Sound products are not the only audio products in the world that are completely devoid of it, is to your liking regardless of how good, how expensive your system is, this Polish proposal can do for it as much good as any product of famous brands.

[...] The thing is that while listening to systems using Synchro Master and RPD-6 mk3, I just accepted what I heard as … accurate and natural, thus exactly as it should have been. There was no reason to discuss these (and many other) aspects of the performance as they were just right. I think that this is one of the highest compliments there are and it only brings KBL Sound’s products closer to the hypothetical ideal of audio products – components that allow user to forget they even exist as they disappear from the room leaving him alone with the beauty of music.   Hifi Knights


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